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The Man from Atlantis - "Tales of Ordinary Sadness" LP

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(Ramble Records)

Australian import. Limited edition black vinyl.

2022 follow up to last year's brilliant "Vol. 1" LP, "Tales of Ordinary Sadness" is a fresh slice of shimmering strum and burnt psychedelia, an outsider folk masterpiece from Melbourne's Michael Sill aka The Man From Atlantis

"These eight outsider/psych folk, forlorn country and psych blues raw tracks delve into heartache, depression, self doubt, deceit and resilience and remind the listener that no matter how dark and dismal things have become, there is always hope for change and some light." - It's Psychedelic Baby

The Man From Atlantis is the pen name of Melbourne artist Mike Sill, always delivering well burnt folk guitar daydreams, well sauced in psychedelic syrup, and unique to only himself. In case you don’t already know, Mike also runs the great and prolific label Ramble Records, supporting a staggering range of challenging musics from all around the world. To share a not so secret secret, his solo music as The Man From From Atlantis is one of our in house faves, so these well formed new tunes are particularly welcome.

The new LP “Tales of Ordinary Sadness” is a lovely burnt, sad shredder. The lost and weary vibe here is just undeniably touched, with the songs answering deep existential questions through it’s uniquely scorched hypno-rattle, dirt laden but not yet broken. There’s a rusted perseverance and cage shaking resilience that carries through the songs, denying the inevitable fate of being sucked into the eternal cavern, but fighting ever onward along the edge of the precipice. Making every day matter despite all odds. The vinyl pressing is loud and quiet, perfect. Grip the vinyl out October 14th from Ramble international, and at the Lighten Up Sounds shop in the US.

In addition to running the Ramble Records label and distro, Michael has been busy over the past year, releasing several solo works as well as collaborating with artists like Reid Karris, Kris Kruger, Heikki Ruokangas, Chris Alford, Giannis Arapis, Kawol Samarqand, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Suzuki Junzo, George Christian Vilela Pereira, Camila Nebbia, and Simo Laihonen.