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The Man From Atlantis - "Vol. 1" LP

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(Ramble Records)

Austrailian import, limited edition black vinyl.

"This enigmatic Melbourne-based musician takes a freaky, free-folk approach to the American Primitive Guitar genre exemplified by John Fahey, employing acoustic fingerpicking alongside slide, distortion and mumbled yet melodic vocals.

‘Wandering Star (Love In Outer Space)’marks out The Man out as a fellow traveller to Ben Chasny, James Blackshaw and Sir Richard Bishop, while the loose, percussive ‘Travel Light (For Anthony Bourdain)’ continuously threatens to fall apart, but somehow holds together like some roadworn pre-war jalopy.

Two longer tracks sit at the record’s heart: ‘Engulfed In Flames’ begins with eerie whines and whistles beneath the tentative strums, before resolving into a confident folk instrumental with modal North African overtones.

‘Death Rattle’ meanwhile is a deconstructed, lo-fi country-blues featuring several full-on psych-noise freak-outs. Ending with the metallic scrape, strum, shimmer and spike of ‘Relax… None Of This Matters Anyway’, Volume 1 is a tantalising introduction to this Man’s evocative, undersea kingdom."  - Ben Graham  (Shingdig Magazine
) Aug, 2021