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Episode 12 - October 10th, 2022

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The Green Path is back, just in time for this seasonal technicolor sprawl and some slowly declining temps. Soak it in, as that orange fades to red, now spread across the neighborhood streets, to eventually fade and fall. Around here, as we say, the days are numbered. As always, we’ve brought a full hour of uninterrupted music, so we’ve shared a few notes below. Thanks for listening, and if you like what you hear, please support the artists.


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Starting off with some stunning new desert drift-core from Northern New Mexico artist Lauren Helene Green, and the track “Peak Morning Reflections” from her solo offering Outer Highway Realms. The work is paced and organic, but stands singular, feeling particularly resonant and profound in it’s dusty slow lane frequency and light-headed elevation. An echoing tone across empty lanes. Green also works with Marissa Macias as Tan Cologne, worth a detour here. Sunburnt and beautiful, each portion of “Outer Highway Realms” are select pre-dawn shades passing beyond the glass. Digital is out now, tapes in November from Royal Oakie! 


The Man From Atlantis is the pen name of Melbourne artist Mike Sill, always delivering well burnt folk guitar daydreams, well sauced in psychedelic syrup, and unique to only himself. In case you don’t already know, Mike also runs the great and prolific label Ramble Records, supporting a staggering range of challenging musics from all around the world. To share a not so secret secret, his solo music as The Man From From Atlantis is one of our in house faves, so these well formed new tunes are particularly welcome. The new LP “Tales of Ordinary Sadness” is a lovely burnt, sad shredder. The lost and weary vibe here is just undeniably touched, with the songs answering deep existential questions through it’s uniquely scorched hypno-rattle, dirt laden but not yet broken. There’s a rusted perseverance and cage shaking resilience that carries through the songs, denying the inevitable fate of being sucked into the eternal cavern, but fighting ever onward along the edge of the precipice. Making every day matter despite all odds. The vinyl pressing is loud and quiet, perfect. Grip the vinyl out October 14th from Ramble international, and at the Lighten Up Sounds shop in the US.


Eyes open wide to the glowing harp tones that open “Magnetic Unity” from Daniel Kobialka’s excellent rare cassette “Cosmic Ecstasy”, released back in 1981. It’s a mysterious one, “created for you by Xyris Infinities”, and the first release to be put out on the artist’s own label Li-Sem Enterprises. The artist is still active as a highly acclaimed classical violinist and composer, and Li-Sem is still in operation as the publisher of the artists work, found referenced at the artists site here. These early cassette works of Kobialka have since been repackaged, with much less interesting artwork. But it’s great that such remarkable gems still survive, worthy of setting in the finest silver. The original art is undeniably more evocative in our humble opinion, but maybe doesn’t appeal to the “modern audience”? Surely these early works of such a modern master should be reborn and brought back to life with the original archival artwork and a nice vinyl remaster. Calling all savvy wax-loving entrepreneurs, maybe someone such as yourself? Great stuff, feel the ecstasy.


The great F.J. McMahon album from 1969 wins on title alone “Spirit of the Golden Juice”. It’s a swinging folk rock jewel, recorded fresh out of the Air Force, and originally pressed by small LA label Accent Records. The work has been rescued from obscurity with a stellar new reissue from the heroes at Anthology Recordings, well at home amongst many other shining lights. An enlightening conversation with the artist can be found here. Wax is still in print and pushes hard, totally zoned.


TENGGER is the Traveling Musical Family, they’ve got a wonderful YouTube channel well worth following here. The new album is inspired by the divine message

"There is nothing divided and we are connected all in the life circulation.”

The new full length “Earthing” is the 7th album from the band, and it’s an irresdescent heavenly expanse, a signal for the vast skies to open and expose new mysteries of reality. The new vinyl is distributed around the world through three great labels, in the UK & Europe at Cardinal Fuzz, in the USA at Centripetal Force, and from Australia at Ramble Records . The band stays busy, they recently released a beautiful collab remix video with Clipping. which is amazing and should be witnessed immediately. Check out more from the band here.


Klotmystik is the Swedish duo of Henrik Kihlberg and Henrik Wallina. “Ökenplaneten”  is the band's third album, put out on the Swedish cassette label Zeon Light. It’s a zonal passage through cosmic corridors of the mind, five tracks of lofty ascent through electric passageways. Moving in the traditions of classical kosmische time-travel, the work circles through an infinite column of microscopic space dust, spiraling into infinity. Tapes are already sold out, but download until your face turns blue. Recommended!


The new batch from Constellation Tatsu is so supreme, it’s easily one of the best drops of the year. A trio of tapes from artists Inkarose, Tarotplane, and Andy Aquarius, each formidable in their own right, and so must be approached individually, please read on.

is the project and vision of Colombian-born, Los Angeles based therapist and musician Alicia Ramírez. The artists new album “A Love Letter to Water” is exactly that, a resonant tone poem of harmonic liquid, reflective, nourishing and eternal. The artist is joined here by Rumi Inoue on Alto and Soprano Flutes, and by percussionist Carlos Niño, who is thanked as a guiding force for the record, and brings his deft touch to Bells, Chimes, Cymbals, Leaves, Shakers, and Waterphone. Additional keys, flute synth, and alto sax are provided through the album by Matt Little, Yeuda Ben-Atar, and Ian Roller respectively. The work carries an emotional weight, which makes sense since love letters are such a personal, intimate window into the breaths of soul, reflecting our own deepest emotion. Pause and listen to the music of Inkarose, breathe and you will be rewarded. Thanks be for such a blissful entrance into the joy of a peaceful heart.
Harpist Andy Aquarius made a mark with his “Chapel” LP last year on Hush Hush, but this new cassette in the Tatsu batch hits gently, with a slightly different perspective. “La Force Aquarienne” is brought together as a collection of intuitive prayers. The track included here ‘U Lisi’ (Ukrainian for ‘In The Forest’), represents the connective and grounding tissue of our shared dimension. It’s a brief window into a broader journey, as the album expands into alternate dimensions, a welcome shift into positive vibration.

Baltimore artist Tarotplane has been on a white hot tear, already dropping two excellent LPs this year, with the “Light Self All Others” on Patience/Impatience label, and the great The Ektachrome Dawn album on Tonight’s Dreams Records, both of which have been getting played steadily. It’s a welcome surprise to get hit so late in the season with yet another all out cosmic brain-burner. “Aeonium” cements Tarotplane’s status as an un-fuck-with-able force in all that is space music for the time being. Inspired by the work of the great Manuel Gottsching, this latest transmission dives deep into waves of spectral heat, a radiant blast of fiery kosmische bliss, shot via satellite into the echoing expanse of our own private mind. 

Peak Eloquence is a new work from Tulsa based artist and musician Brad Rose, with “Phantom Dreams” being the latest release from the artists' label The Jewel Garden. The project creates a heavenly landscape of cascading tones with the use of only a single tenor banjo, and a hefty minimalism of pure vision formed from singular source. It’s a lovely journey, hear the full album here. The artist has included this quote for reflection -


"The obvious is difficult 
To prove. Many prefer 
The hidden. I did, too. 
I listened to the trees. 
They had a secret 
Which they were about to 
Make known to me, 
And then didn’t." 
-excerpt from "The White Room" by Charles Simic


It’s lovely thought. We obviously must listen, but just because the trees have hidden secrets, doesn’t mean that we are necessarily able to hear them, or that the secrets will ever truly be revealed. Rose stays busy with his various projects, follow The Jewel Garden to stay up to date, and of course check out Foxy Digitalis for a consistent stream of enlightening music news and inspiring arts insight.


LAUREN HELENE GREEN - "Peak Morning Reflections" from the album Outer Highway Realms (Royal Oakie, 2022)

THE MAN FROM ATLANTIS - "Boo Hoo" from the album Tales of Ordinary Sadness (Ramble Records, 2022)

DANIEL KOBIALKA - "Magnetic Unity" from the album Cosmic Ecstasy (Li-Sem, 1981)

F.J. MCMAHON- "Sister, Brother" from the album Spirit of the Golden Juice (Anthology, 2022)

TENGGER - "Maunam" from the album Earthling (Cardinal Fuzz/Centripetal Force/Ramble) 2022)

KLOTMYSTIK - “Ökenplaneten" from the album “Ökenplaneten" (Zeon Light, 2022)

INKAROSE - "Garden Lullaby" from the album A Love Letter to Water (Constellation Tatsu, 2022)

ANDY AQUARIUS - "U Lisi" from the album La Force Aquarienne (Constellation Tatsu, 2022)

TAROTPLANE - "Omayyadfrom the album Aeonium (Constellation Tatsu, 2022)

PEAK ELOQUENCE - "Returning" from the album "Phantom Dreams" (The Jewel Garden, 2022)

Portions of this program have been sourced from vinyl and cassette formats.

Thanks for listening!

Originally broadcast at 11pm CET on October 10th, 2022 via CAMP Radio.

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