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Episode 4: November 9th, 2021

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November is already here, and as the air steadily cools and the technicolor shades bloom and fade, so too do our minds shift towards the impending seasonal hibernation. This month's episode of THE GREEN PATH brings an introspective set, with work spanning forms of modern cosmique, astral improvisation, angelic insect song, private press basement folk, transcendental spiritual jazz, Swedish space-rock, dusty X-tian psych, and beyond!

Non-stop music on the program, so we’ve included a few words along with the full playlist below.



 Check the archive.

Starting things off right with The Organism, from Vanishing Twin's excellent new LP via Fire Records. “Ookii Gekkou” is the London group’s third album, and brings a sublime synthesis of propulsive groove, psychedelic pop, experimental tropicalia and cosmic jazz, delivering complex textural exotica for the ultimate imaginary island retreat. Singer Cathy Lucas’ vocals shimmer across the surface, navigating challenges to both structure and range, and carrying bottomless vibrations. Must grip.

Starbirthed is of course the duo of Ash Brooks and Matt LaJoie. The new “Reflections of the Samith” cassette on Flower Room captures a 2019 live event from the Montauk Salt Cave, and the power and tangible aura of the space is evident in the long-form elevation here. Pink Himalayan Salt carries many benefits to both environment and health, so an actual Salt Cave seems the perfect setting for this expansive set. "Samith" as translated from the Sanskrit can be read as “starting point”, or place of origin. These reflections could be seen to be projected upon that very environment which birthed us. One might examine the relationship of our own self to the physical surrounding spaces from which we came. This work is a comforting, luminous light, thanks to Flower Room for the deep, positive vibes.  

The incredible “Furia” LP from The Fates keeps ending up the turntable, the indelible sound endlessly appealing and timeless. Thanks to Finder’s Keepers this 1985 diamond is still to be had on wax. Una Baines was a member of The Fall in the early years, playing keyboards with the group until 1979, then formed The Blue Orchids, who ended up as Nico’s backing band. The Fates were formed following the call of the divine feminine, and inspired by the ancient mythology of the three women who hold the ultimate fate of the world in their hands. "I'm just a woman who wants to be free,” Baines sings, “I can't see a future in your fantasy.” The album challenges sexism and misogyny, and brings a distinct and welcome form of visionary post-punk that is simultaneously political, spiritual, and intelligent, with a singular vibe in high evolutionary modes. Baines states the track Sheila "was about wanting to be free of the shallow interpretations of women in our culture and also questioning the privileges that come with success." A welcome offering to The Goddess.
Denver bassist Aaron Dooley has been releasing a single a month for the last three months in a row, focused on a group session of warehouse improvisations recorded with his most trusted allies. The latest track Lingering features Dooley with an eight piece ensemble, delivering radiant absorption. There is a complex, airy density to the work, with layers of wheezing harmonium and shimmering dulcimer woven through clarinet and soprano sax, touches of percussion and dobro glide through, and Dooley’s rolling bass pushes steadily upwards in mellow momentum. A lovely form of spiritual psychedelia with a positive freedom groove and clean air to breathe. All of the tracks from this session series are enlightening, hopefully there is an album collection, or some form of physical media manifestation sooner than later?

Time Wharp is the multi-genre project of Kaye Loggins of Brooklyn, delivering escape hatch electronics for ultimate realities. Ingenue delivers a telescoping cascade of arpeggio bliss and rhythmic gloss, complimented here by the contributions of Jasper Dutz’ saxophone, a landscape of motorik electronics for inner mysteries. Dots connected through circular transcendence, intrinsically linked to Berlin’s masters of yesteryear, but launched into today's future. Another new 2 track EP from the artist has already appeared via Leaving Records since this one, hinting towards an upcoming full length album entitled “Spiro World” scheduled for later in ’22. Interest piqued, fellow cosmonauts.

Jim Wilson created the heavenly music of "God's Chorus" back in the 90's, reportedly using only the manipulated sounds of crickets chirping, slowed to create an angel's choir of harmonious insect song. Wilson was a Native American composer and producer, doing a range of work from film soundtracks and song-writing, to solo work as Tulku and with the duo Little Wolf, as well as many collaborations with artists as diverse as Krishna Das, Billy CowsillRobbie Robertson and Allen Ginsberg. This piece was originally part of a Native American “animal lore” inspired work, released on cassette in 1994 before being eventually circulated online to ultimately be released on vinyl by the great Trunk Records. Much of Wilson's work follows themes of spiritual shamanism and religious traditions, bringing peaceful prayers. A strangely beautiful world worth visiting.

Jason Allen Millard has been busy this year putting out handmade tapes and records with his new co-run private press label Home & Garden, and releasing a series of recent solo work as limited edition singles on the lathe-cut 7" format. "Solid Enough" is Millard's latest, a prime dose of blasted Midwestern folk, with the flip side bearing tell-tale tape-slurp styles like only J. can muster. His recent "Kicking a Hole" full length is excellent too, but these latest singles bear a relevance and plaintive immediacy that bears noticing. Like if "psych folk" was actually psychedelic.

The new album "Water Rise" from Hiram offers a cool, comforting breeze for the seasonal shift. Referred to by the artist as "evaporation music", this work carries an ethereal blend of ambient jazz, new age vibe and extended technique, with both synthetic and acoustic sources blending with the sounds of the environment. "Into Air" brings a quiet lullaby for Mother Earth, arranged for Hulusi flute and tongue drum. Music for condensation, grab a tape from Home & Garden while you can. 

Golden Brown has been getting some well founded attention, with the recent "Gems & Minerals" cassette on Inner Islands warranting close examination. The album carries a folky sheen of dramatic beauty while maintaining a delicate grip on hard worn reality, with the voices of cello, lap steel, piano and guitar blending to create a dreamy, elegant lace. The track "Spores" builds patterns through a valley of fog until the sun gently breaks through the clouds and bright light fills the minds eye. Hopefully we don't have to wait too long until more new work surfaces from the wilds of Colorado.

Tuscon's best kept secret Tambourinen has been a recent fave, with the "Munds Spring" cassette under his real name Grant Beyschau also making an appearance on September's The Green Path - Ep 2. The "Wooden Flower" LP came out in 2020, but still yields many fresh fruits. The fact that this is the work of one guy makes the album that much more captivating. With a sound that recalls the best of the Swedish psych scene circa peak 70's orbit, “Wollensak” delivers mellow fuzz pound for the ages, a precious gift from the desert. 

Dave Pike was an American jazz vibraphone and marimba player, and his album "The Doors of Perception" was recorded live in 1966 and released in 1970, capturing Pike at perhaps the most acid drenched and challenging mode of his career. The track "Free Inprovisation" (sic) brings a swarm of sound effects, thunderstorms, and studio trickery along with the harmonious clatter and drift of the ensemble, deep in the throws of a remarkable live session. Amazing!

The great Anna Själv Tredje warm things up with the track "Tusen År & Sju Timmar" from the incredible and rare album Tussilago Fanfara, recorded in 1977 and released by the infamous Silence label. The band was the cosmic duo of Ingemar Ljungström and Mikael Bojén, blending guitar and synthesizers into a beautiful dreamscape sound. The album will likely never see a proper modern re-issue due to the artists personal preferences, but should be considered a classic of the genre.  

Nala Sinephro released the incredible ambient jazz / modular synth masterpiece "Space 1.8" LP earlier this year on Warp, which sold out immediately, but is thankfully up for a 2nd pressing. The track featured here, as titled, is sourced from an additional transcendent live session at Real World Studios with the gifted Edward Wakili-Hick & Dwayne Kilvington, released as limited (sold out) vinyl & digital by NTS. The results are magical, a glowing wave of spiritual jazz, harp shimmering and synths in planetary trajectory, an uplifting spectral voyage for dreams of joy and wonder.

We found Justyn Rees through Paul Major's great Feel The Music Vol. 1 compilation, but the full Rees album from '69 is worth checking out, a hidden jewel of X-tian psych. "Behold" lays down mellow croon with overt lyrics over a smoky groove, essentially reciting scripture in song. "For God so loved the world, that he gave us his Son, that whosoever believeth on him should never die." Life without death, can you dig it?


VANISHING TWIN - “The Organism” from the album Ookii Gekkou (2021, Fire Records)

STARBIRTHED - “Reflections of the Samith” (excerpt) from the album Reflections of the Samith (2021, Flower Room)

THE FATES - “Sheila” from the album “Furia” (2014, Finders Keepers)

AARON DOOLEY - “Lingering” (2021, self-released)

TIME WHARP - “Ingenue” (2021, Leaving Records)

JIM WILSON - “God’s Chorus” (excerpt) (2018, Trunk Records)

JASON ALLEN MILLARD - “Solid Enough” (2021, Home & Garden)

HIRAM - “Into Air” (2021, Home & Garden)

GOLDEN BROWN - “Spores” (2021, Inner Islands)

TAMBOURINEN - “Wollensak” (2020, Cardinal Fuzz)

DAVE PIKE - “Free Inprovisation” from the album “Doors of Perception” (1970, Vortex Records)

ANNA SJÄLV TREDJE - “Tussilago Fanfara” (1977, Silence)

NALA SINEPHRO - “Live at Real World Studios with Edward Wakili-Hick & Dwayne Kilvington” (2021, NTS)

JUSTYN REES - “Behold” (1969, Prophet Records)