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Episode 2 : September 13th, 2021

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The weather broke this week here in the Upper Midwest and things have just now started cooling down, so this month's episode of THE GREEN PATH brings the first kiss of Autumn's breath with a few fresh offerings alongside gems of ages past, tunes both terrestrial and beyond.

Non-stop music on the program, so we’ve included a few notes and links along with the full playlist below.

Check the archive.

Opening with Bells of Atlantis, featuring Anaïs Nin collaborating with the legendary Louise and Bebe Barron. This is sourced from the original soundtrack of the 1952 short film by Ian Hugo, as taken from the unofficial "Fan Club" edition OST LP.

It's great to hear new work from Trogpite, with Bath Time bringing a seething spa tone from the recent “100 Baths” cassette on No Rent. "The Dust" is a dreamy vision from Philadelphia's Linda Cohen, sourced from the beautiful 1972 album “Leda”, with subtle oscillator, theremin and electronics contributions through out by collaborators Charles Cohen and Craig Anderton, plus Jefferson Caine, who also played electric guitar on Perry Leopold's legendary Christian Lucifer album!

Grant Beyschau of Tuscon may be known for his great kraut / psych project Tambourinen, but the recent “Munds Spring” cassette under his own name is also very nice, a lovely drifting beast of astral echo, released on the Astrological Unfolding Music imprint, a sphere worth visiting. The Incredible Sighs of Space is a bizarre sci-fi journey all it's own from Glenn Simonelli, with the opening track off the incredible “This Is All You’ve Done With Your Life?” album, recently re-issued digitally through Physical. Mind boggling and real. 

Hanifah is a welcome peaceful embrace, with Brother Ah & The Sounds of Awareness bringing harmony to body, mind, and spirit from the incredible “Key To Nowhere” LP, followed by the hypnosis of Dimensions of a Strange Land by Mindy Meng Wang, from the remarkable “An Improvisation Through Time & Space” album released last year on Music in Exile.

We get a windswept view from high altitudes with a brief preview of the environmental sound of the "At Beartooth" cassette by Earth Speaks, available this Friday, Sept 17th from Minneapolis label Home & Garden, and then a blessing of radiant light from Willam Eaton, experimental instrument builder, musician and sound maker, with an untitled piece from the wonderful "Music By William Eaton" LP, originally released in 1978 and beautifully re-issued recently by Morning Trip

The Air We Share is the title track from the new vibrational offering from gong practitioner / sound artist Mike Tamburo, with elevated atmospherics for electric vibraphone and electronics, followed by the great Manish Pingle, with Bhatiyali Folk in Taal Dadra, from his entrancing album "Raga Revelations in Indian Slide Guitar" released by Ramble Records.

We launch into outer orbit around the Sphere of Io with a selection from the NASA Voyager recordings, also known as the "Symphony of the Planets" series, sourced from the 1989 cassette by Brain/Mind Research, and then Swedish psych legends International Harvester deliver a slow cooling breath, with Blowing The Wind (Blåslåten) from the Remains boxset on Silence Records.

Air shifts gently into Kosmic Eko from Prana Crafter's wonderful “Enter The Stream” LP on Sunrise Ocean Bender, and we close with Breath of Life  from the amazing "Drum Dance to the Motherland" LP by Khan Jamal Creative Arts Ensemble, originally released in 1979, re-released in 2017 by Eremite Records.


Program broadcast Tuesday, September 13th at 11pm CEST / 4pm CST on CAMP Radio:

Each episode will be archived HERE and shared through The Green Path mixcloud account:


Anais Nin w/ Louis & Bebe Barron - Bells of Atlantis (excerpt) - from “Bells of Atlantis” LP (????)

Trogpite - Bath Time from “100 Baths” CS (No Rent, 2021)

Linda Cohen - The Dust from “Leda” LP (Poppy, 1972)

Grant Beyschau Nama (excerpt) from “Munds Spring” CS (Astrological Unfolding Music, 2021)

Glenn Simonelli - The Incredible Sighs of Space from “This Is All You’ve Done With Your Life?” DL (Physical, 2021)

Brother Ah & The Sounds of Awareness - Hanifah from “Key To Nowhere” LP (Manufactured Recordings, 2016)

Mindy Meng WangDimensions of a Strange Land from “An Improvisation Through Time and Space” LP (Music in Exile, 2020)

Earth Speaks - At Beartooth (excerpt)  from “At Beartooth” CS forthcoming from (Home & Garden, Sept 2021)

William Eaton - Untitled A4 from “Music by William Eaton” LP (Morning Trip, 2020)

Mike Tamburo - The Air We Share (excerpt) from “The Air We Share” DL (self-released, 2021)

Manish PingleBhatiyali Folk in Taal Dadra from “Raga Revelations in Indian Slide Guitar” DL (Ramble Records, 2021)

NASA Voyager Space Sounds Sphere of Io (excerpt) from “Sphere of Io” CS (Brain/Mind Research, 1989)

International Harvester Blowing The Wind (Blåslåten) from “Remains 3” LP (Silence Records, 2018)

Prana Crafter - Kosmic Eko from “Enter The Stream” LP (Sunrise Ocean Bender, 2020)

Khan Jamal Creative Arts Ensemble - Breath of Life from “Drum Dance to the Motherland” LP (Eremite, 2017)


Portions of this program have been sourced from vinyl and cassette formats.