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The Man from Atlantis - "Golden Light" LP

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(Ramble Records)

Limited Edition 12" Vinyl on traditional black vinyl. 

Following the success of the heavy psych cassette release 'Kali Ma Rama Lama Fi Fo Fi Fum', the Man from Atlantis unleashes another slice of heavy, avant-psych 'Golden Light'. GL features 5 movements with a hand-picked group of leading experimental guitarist from around the globe guesting on each track - Heikki Ruokangas  (Finland), Kris Gruda (USA), Giannis Arapis (Greece), Chris Alford (USA), Ernesto Diaz-Infante (USA).

'I had an idea for Golden Light to be one long piece of music broken into smaller movements with each movement relating to a stage of development - from birth to death and so on. I had John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme in Mind and in a way this recording is a kind of homage to him. GL is a meditation on the purity that we are all born with and the internal struggle we all face to maintain this purity throughout our journey. Golden Light is a meditation on this inherent goodness that we all possess. ' TMFA