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The Man From Atlantis & George Christian - "The Sun Will RIse Again" CD

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(Ramble Records)

Australian import, limited edition pro-disc in color gatefold sleeve.

Cross-cultural, cosmic guitar collaboration between these two guitarists and improvisers, connecting between Brazil and Australia.

Recorded remotely during the Pandemic, these improvised tracks represent an expression of thoughts, feelings, and anxieties felt during the lockdown that resulted in a cohesion of ideas sonically and spiritually by two artist on opposite ends of the world. No matter how dark and dismal the world round can seem, there is always some light to be thankful for.

The Man from Atlantis is a Melbourne musician using folk, country, blues, American primitive, Hindustani ragas, psych and free jazz as a reference to traverse the sonic space ways.

George Christian is a free improviser and foward thinking guitarist from Brazil, with a long list of solo works and collaborations focused especially on extended technique and a developed personal voice.