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The 52nd Street Experimental Planet Ensemble - "Broken Jazz Vol.1" 2CD

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(Ramble Records)

Pro double-disc with gatefold sleeve. 

52nd Street Experimental Ensemble is an American project spawned by the pandemic and created in Philadelphia P.A, by Ihba Baskette a multi instrumentalist playing all instruments on this recording. The recording takes of every instrument on this album was done in a few weeks; recording a song a day for 13 days as a way to combat the social turmoil, pandemic and firecracker epidemics in urban areas in the city.

Ihba is known for world music specializing in abstract reggae world dance music and jazz influenced hints. These songs are for an audience who love the non conformity and boundaries being juggled.

52 Street A/K/A Area 52 has collaborated and performed with Ra’oof Atelier presents: Ice Station Zero 2.0 @ “The House of Schlesinger “ - a collaborative art happening w/ Installation, sculptures , videos, photography & soundscape provided by Ihba Baskette-reeds & percussions & TR7 - applied piano & synthesizers. John Schlesinger - art works. As well as Artist and Sculpture maker Anthony Bayne senior on Soprano saxophone and Percussion