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Sound and Voice - "That Which is Unknown" LP

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(Ramble Records)

Australian import, limited edition black vinyl.

The recording process for this album started in July of 2021 and continued until the end of the year. However, the songs themselves had been germinating well before that - even as early as 2018. Everything on the album was recorded at my home in Austin with a couple guitars, a couple of voices and a flute. During the early months of 2022, Mike Sill of Ramble Records reached out to me and wanted to collaborate on a record. I had just gotten the masters back for my album, so the timing was perfect for a release.

I'm very excited to share this album with you and I hope it resonates and speaks to you the same way it does for me.

//Music for stargazers and daydreamers//

A very big thanks to:

Mike at Ramble Records for supporting small musicians/artists such as myself and for spreading the word of unheard music.

Amar at Macro for his dedication to bringing to life my poorly recorded songs and making them sound like something special.
Merit Medrano: guitar and voice
Emily Fisher: violin and voice
Record and mixed by Merit Medrano
Mastered by: Aam Lat
All songs written by Sound and Voice.