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Sons of Zevesous - "Sons of Zevesous" LP

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(Ramble Records)

Australian import, limited edition black vinyl.

Greek band Sons of Zevedeus was founded in Athens, Greece by multi-instrumentalist Themis Vasiliou in 2014.The original line-up toured as a trio, and after doing several shows locally, they went into the studio to record their debut album in 2016, finally releasing it in 2018. In 2019, they returned to playing live locally with a new line up.

The band consists of Themis Vasiliou (guitars, synths, percussion, vocals, melodica, glockenspeil, erhu, baglama), Giannis ROBAS (bass, trumpets) and Anastasia MANOLA (drums).

Sons of Zevedeus is 6 tracks of prog tinged with psych, metal, jazz with a Greek folk music aesthetic. Fans of King Crimson, Zorn’s Naked City, Mr Bungle, Secret Chief’s 3 and Zu are gonna love this!.