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Sol Viator - s/t CD

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(Ramble Records)

Australian import, professionally duplicated disc in full color sleeve.

"We are thrilled to be bringing you the latest project Sol Viator from improvisor Matt Meeker (Holy Drone Travellers & Raga Onagra).

Recorded during the pandemic, Sol Viator is a stunning soundscape that draws on the music of the Middle East and seamlessly blends elements of fusion and avant-garde.

Against a backdrop of tanpura-esqe drones Matt lays down shawm, bass, trombone, chalumeau, electronics, and percussion with the help of cello, guitar, and some stunning vocals, tabla and electronic sarangi from Bhuyash Neupane.” - Ramble Records, Australia

Palastinalied is a crusader song from the 1200’s, all other tracks on this album are completely improvised.

Eulogy for a dream is about loss. It’s a farewell to plans and journeys that did not come to pass due to the pandemic.

Phoenix flies over the Rockies is inspired by magic realism, prairie skies, and the forests that I spend time in.

Serpent Slayer is about heroism in everyday life and how our decisions have the power to change the world.

Burnt Offerings is a contemplative shawm improvisation – a snapshot of many hours cloistered away from the world during cold winter nights.

Bhuyash Neupane - Vocals, Tabla, Electronic Sarangi
Michael Campbell - Guitar
Conrad Sobieraj - Cello (Palastinalied & Serpent Slayer)
Connor Meeker - Cello (Eulogy for a dream)
Matt Meeker - Shawm, Bass, Trombone, Chalumeau, Electronics, Percussion