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Seven Rivers of Fire - "Way of the Pilgrim" CD

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(Ramble Records)

Pro-disc with gatefold sleeve. 

William Randles’ car was found parked at the edge of the K____ Nature Reserve in the early hours of September 30th by a passer-by who noticed the driver's door had been left open.

A local resident later told investigators that they had seen two people exit the vehicle and enter the woods at around 4:00AM. Another local who had woken up early to go jogging contradicted this statement placing the time of arrival some 40 minutes later and swearing that only one person had exited the vehicle from the passenger door. Nobody who provided statements remembered the driver’s door having been left open.

No trace of William Randles has ever been found. A search party found an indecipherable symbol carved into a tree near his car, but investigators thought little of it. His apartment offered no explanation either when searched. No signs of struggle. No sign that he had left in distress or in a hurry.

The only thing investigators found out of the ordinary was a handwritten note left on the kitchen table that read: They are calling // exodus // awaken // the passenger // from the depths // into the woods // ascend // the fall