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Seth Andrew Davis - "For Electro-Acoustic Guitar" CD

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(Ramble Records)

Australian import, limited edition pro-disc packaged in gatefold sleeve.

 "For Electro-Acoustic Guitar was recorded between late 2021-early 2022 during my artist residency at Charlotte Street Foundation and my first semester of graduate school at University of Central Missouri. 

For the longest time I have kept my more “traditional” guitar playing and my laptop/electronics performance practice separate, having focused on prepared/tabletop guitar with the use of objects and e-bow with electronics processing, and solo/group laptop performance.

I began studying with Dr. Jeff Kaiser at UCM in the fall of 2021 and became inspired to build a live processing rig for my guitar in Ableton/Max MSP. The titles are a reference to the titles of the pieces in Anthony Braxton’s For Alto, in which he named tracks after various mentors, musical heroes, and contemporaries. Each track is named after a composer, musician, or teacher who has directly inspired my playing and interest in computer music." - Seth Andrew Davis