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Se Permiten am – s/t CD

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(Ramble Records)

Australian import, limited edition pro-disc.


"Time for some gnarly flamenco acid rock. Hailing from Huelv, Spain, Se Permiten Submarines seamlessly fuses traditional flamenco guitar stylings into dark stoner rock and hazy psychedelic folk.

Songs like “Niebla en Granada” feature trumpet and guitar sounds that are steeped in Andalusian folk music, but bent through a hallucinogenic lens (not sounding too unlike something from Love’s Forever Changes). Meanwhile, tracks like “Copla Negra” propel the listener into feverishly disoriented realms via the use of monstrous riffs and bewitching vocals.

At times, the band plays like a blend of Kikagaku Moyo and Gipsy Kings, yet on the majority of this record, they prove that they’ve forged a truly one of a kind sound. Daring ears will be richly rewarded when it comes to this record." - KH, Record Crates United

With José Antoio Orta on guitar and vocals, Rafael Septién on drums and vocals and Jesús Orta on bass and keyboard, Se Permiten Submarinos takes the blue print of stoner rock and infuse it with with Andalusian folk and a hint of deep blues. With high doses of acid and dreamlike sitar sonics, the stoner / psych-folk sound of Se Permiten Submarinos and its "marsh psychedelia" is formed.