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Säure Adler - "Säure Adler" LP

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(Ramble Records)

Australian import, limited edition black vinyl. 


"They Call Him Sunlight, They Call Him the Eagle"

"Cosmic rock works like the mycorrhizal network fungus, the mycelium being those wild Cosmic Jokers releases, the ealy output of their kosmische allies, Tangerine Dream and AD2, Gong, Les Rallizes, various branches of French prog and “what if” replottings of the Syd Barrett story. And here, twenty years later after my bandana’d biker drove away, the same names are triggered by listening to the new release from Poznan’s Säure Adler.

Though I’m sure the band clings to the tenet of making a spaced-out racket that can float up to the stars, there are times where they sound as if they are still in bed, strumming their instruments under the duvet. ‘Logiczna Wyrzutnia - Nuclear Holocausta’ is as sprawled out as rock gets, a set of dreamscapes loosely assembled, held together by warbles, groans and mutterings. The band does sit up to give us ‘Odbudowiciel - The Orion Principle’ which benefits from a chord structure, the fuzzy guitar leading the charge. Two other tracks play the folk-pop game: ‘Sweet Lady Grass' is a pleasant trippy stroll that goes to town on reverb and echo and ‘Sun In My Belly’ is this record’s Gille Lettmann moment, where a new Sternenmädchen tells of cosmic forces that run through her body whilst a jangling guitar lays down a soundtrack of sorts." - Richard Foster, The Quietus