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Pumpkin Friend - "Wishing Well & Autumn Sketchbook" CD

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(Ramble Records)

Australian import, pro-duplicated disc in full color sleeve.



Outsider/ country folk with just the right amount of avant-garde surreal laden poetry.


"This experimental project explores my interest in rough, unpolished recordings/musical ideas and loosely centers around autumn as a theme.

Using the idea of an artist's “autumn” sketchbook as a metaphor, this intimate collection consists of quick sketches, improvised moments/fragments, incomplete, rediscovered or abandoned songs, flubbed and composite performances, and early drafts.

With recording dates ranging from 2013 to present—and some tracks not tying into the autumn theme at all—it’s kind of like a sketchbook that was originally started with the intention of being solely for fall themes, but that has been laying around for years, picked up and added to again and again, sometimes staying true to the original plan and sometimes veering completely off course.

While this disjointedness stretches the autumn sketchbook metaphor a bit thin, the track listing somehow works for me. But be forewarned, the title is somewhat misleading.

My interest in the aesthetic of unrefined recordings has evolved over time from my love of early folk music field recordings, Dylan basement tapes, bootlegs, and DIY indie home-recordings such as early Sebadoh/Lou Barlow.

Because I feel that these recordings bring up many questions about quality and artistic worth, I have added more details to explain why each song/piece means something to me or what I like/find interesting about it. I have included these notes in the description sections for each track, as well as a PDF as a bonus item.

The main instruments are guitar and voice." - Pumpkin Friend