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Mustafa Rafiq - "If I Were A Dance" CD

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(Ramble Records)

Limited Edition Compact Disc - gatefold with 4 page insert.

I’ve become quite interested in archiving my life through whatever medium is presented. I’ve been fortunate to work in theatre, dance and modelling (life & print) on top of the healthy diet of music I get to participate in.

For the last few years I’ve been performing locally and
at fests like Sled Island, New Forms under Family Injera, which served as a ‘live-only’ vehicle. Strictly no recordings, no determined set length, almost all improvisation. In July I had to undergo emergency surgery on my hand from an accident at home, which had me absolutely terrified for my future in music.

These projects appeared almost cosmically and presented space for me to begin archiving solo sound work. I've retired the F1 moniker and am moving forward under my own name. This is split between two projects I did in 2020.

Oct 24 - Live at Latitude 53 was Bhuyash and I improvising off of a few prepared materials Bhuyash had. One, a poem written by his brother (studying in chicago) in their native language of Nepali and a synth loop set as backing to his tabla set up. We were invited as a part of the galleries yearly gala, as a bonus we were surrounded by work from artists in Edmonton. This was the second performance given post-surg and our time in Holy Drone Travellers was done with the group officially disbanding sometime recently. Bhuyash's life is quite different from mine, as he is still working to attain permanent residence, so I saw this as an opportunity for us to see one another, cook + watch a film and head to the performance together the following day.

Dec 13th - From Foreign
This was a commission from New Music Edmonton for their Solstice Special , they paired three poets with three sound artists and allowed us to do as we please. Shima Aisha Robinson (Dwennemmin) asked that I join as her composer which is a great honour. Shima has been a powerhouse poet as long as I have known her, the work she offered had to do with the legacy that Jamaica and Canada, Academic Institutions (shes just started her masters), Religious institutions played on her life. My goal for sound was only to cradle her words, using sax, bowed guitar, bells, synths and birdsong. I've attached 3/4 poems that have artwork created by Shima to be used as visual aids to accompany the release and live performances.

Mustafa Rafiq