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Mohammad Mostafa Heydarian - "Songs of Horaman" LP

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Limited Edition 12" Vinyl - 500 copies worldwide on black vinyl

Mohammad Mostafa Heydarian's 'Songs of Horaman'. Previously available digitally, as well as a limited run on cassette, this edition of the album is being presented in a 500 copy vinyl pressing.

Mohammad Mostafa Heydarian is a young Kurdish tanbur player from Kermanshah, a city in the mountainous western Iranian region of Horaman. The son of a local instrument builder, he
grew up surrounded by the local traditional music styles, studying with a number of well-known master musicians before recently entering university to study Persian classical music.
Heydarian currently resides in Tehran and has deep affection for the land of his upbringing.

Whenever he is feeling down, he thinks about Horaman and the role his home has played in making him who he is today. For Heydarian, it seemed only appropriate to title his album

Recorded in the city of Karaj with the percussive assistance of family friend and long-time collaborator Behzad Varesteh, Heydarian's debut includes a mixture of traditional tasnifs and maqams - thrilling and gorgeous tanbur pieces centered in the two musicians' talent for
extended improvisation and feeling.

'Songs of Horaman' was initially released on cassette by the European label Radio Khiyaban in November of 2021. It was immediately met with praise and positive energy, and it became clear that Heydarian’s music deserved to reach more ears.