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Miranda Arens - "Global Meditation, Nueva Realidad & Tarde de Miercoles" 2CD

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(Ramble Records)

Australian import, limited edition 2 disc set comes in full color gatefold sleeve.



"La Nueva Realidad" explores the possible fields of electroacoustic experimentalism in an impressively scenic language, with a striking industrial characteristic.

Alfredo Miranda is a sound artist and was born in Bahía Blanca. He studied music at the Provincial Conservatory of his city and graduated as a piano teacher. At the same time, he joined various rock, jazz and spontaneous music groups. He took private lessons in vocal technique, repertoire and theater. Since 1998 he has formed in the ranks of the Stable Choir of the Artistic Organisms of the South. He was summoned for the first Ópera Estudio of the Teatro Argentino (La Plata) and participated in two lyrical seasons as a member of the Stable Choir of the Teatro Colón (CABA).

Germán Arens is a sound artist and was born in Bahía Blanca. As a musician he has ventured into southern singing, lunfardo tango with the group La Puñalada and natural music with Los Chacras. In the 1990s, together with his brother Sergio, he worked as a photographer and participated in individual and collective exhibitions. He is a writer and poet. 'Pueblada, A few men left Earth on a ship commanded by Enrique, I always believed that zombies were the protagonists of a B-class horror film subgenre, Cagliero, Desiderio, Oh, what a beautiful place!, Mom's book , The shell of the egg', are some of the books he has published.