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Luciano Bagnasco - "Procesos Cruzados" LP

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(Ramble Records)

Limited Edition 12" Vinyl on traditional black vinyl.

Brilliant Argentinian avant-garde guitarist Luciano Bagnasco’s Procesos Cruzados is a lush mix of jazz, free improv - a sonic potpourri of avant-garde vignettes that drifts tastefully between metal, shred, acoustic de-tuned freak out, drone and cinematic ambience.


Luciano Bagnasco: Electric guitar / Guitarra eléctrica.
All music by: oda la música pertenece a Luciano Bagnasco.
Recorded by: Grabado por Luciano Bagnasco durante el mes de mayo 2021 (may / 21), Badajoz, Spain.
Mixed by / Mezcla por Luciano Bagnasco.
Cover Photo / Foto de portada: Luciano Bagnasco