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Julien Tassin - "Primitiv" CD

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(Ramble Records)

Australian import, limited edition pro-disc in full color sleeve.

Also available on vinyl.


Solo jazz guitar improv album from Belgium avant-garde guitarist Juliene Tassin.

 primitiv is about human beings in our most primitive and essential form.

An interpretation of how humans began roaming the Earth, came together, mingled and fell apart.

Setting to music the initiation-like dimension of existence. primitiv as a quest for essence. Most of the tracks are composed of a handful of notes that can be played once or repeated again and again, like a mantra, leaving space for a sort of improvisation void of any constraint.

This album is dedicated to Sofia.

‘Primitiv’ is a quest for the essence, approaching a less is more attitude. A collection of
sparse notes, sometimes solely, sometimes as a recurring mantra. This leaves a lot of
space for improvisation, free of any constraints. The album is a mix of blues, jazz, avant-garde and ambient. Music with a universal character, blending European, American and African elements.