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John Swanke - "Soundings in Fathoms" CS

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(Lighten Up Sounds)

A soundtrack for the grey and green landscape of the Pacific Northwest.

John Swanke of Bellingham, Washington creates his own unique path, using his guitar as a tool to explore the mysteries of the coastal shoreline. The music dissolves the salty air into tiny particles of sand, carving a dynamic pattern of organic erosion.

We're happy to reach to the West and help support the artist's latest vision "Soundings in Fathoms". Written and recorded at home along the shore of the Salish Sea, the work is absorbed from the surrounding environments of the artist's native area.

Much of Swanke's music is built around aspects of the natural world, and here the artist is particularly focused on the intersection between land and water. The album is a tribute to the creatures and spirits that inhabit Lummi Shore.

"Soundings in Fathoms" travels along the boundary between sea and land, investigating themes of the coastal ecosystem. The music follows the blight of local invasive species, rides the shift of tidal patterns, and speaks in systems of nautical measurement. With a playtime of 38 minutes spread over six tracks, the warm recordings highlight the human presence, and are complemented by the gently crumbling transcriptions of the nearby coastline. The compositions hover through dense drone into a near chamber-folk sensibility, slowly clearing with a soft glowing light.

Several tracks feature the shining talents of Hannah Wyatt and Tim Mechling on strings and keys, with each artist bringing a respective sense of intimacy and dimensional expansion to the work as a whole.

The album feels distinctly regional, with each song focused on individual features and details of the artist's own natural landscape, capturing this perspective and reflecting the viewpoint back to the world around us. The music contains pure energies harnessed, elements distilled for expanding horizons.

Inspired by strange gifts from the currents and tide.

Coral white shell cassette w/ black ink imprint. Professionally real-time duplicated to high-quality “Recording the Masters” Ferro stock, each copy comes with a double-sided full color J-card printed to 100 gm glossy stock. Features original jellyfish landscape photography by the artist, housed in a vintage style heavy-duty clear Norelco case. Limited hand-numbered edition of 70 copies.