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IO Audio Recordings - "Awaiting The Elliptical Drift & VVK" LP

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IO AUDIO RECORDINGS a bio-organic compound originally developed in Bakersfield, California at the height of the Vietnam War as the result of scientific experiments in the field of incompatibility. io audio recordings was later refined into its current state during the 1980’s and 1990’s as the result of studies conducted in the fields of frequency saturation, motorism, harmonic divination, transmolecularization, and isotope teleportation by top researchers in their respective fields such as Robert Hampson, Dr. Edward Moolenbeek, Peter Kember, and Steven Stapleton as well as the Newcastle Zoviet Collective and the Deutsch Kosmisches Kommune.

IO AUDIO RECORDINGS is comprised of unequal and ever shifting layers of noise, propulsion, surrealism, and serenity. It is ingested aurally and in doing so the user can and will experience a wide range of effects from euphoria to nihilism and everything in between. In one case study a user, one Harmut Enke, was reportedly heard exclaiming “it’s too beautiful” after ingesting IO AUDIO RECORDINGS. He then wandered off and was never heard from again.

The record features IO AUDIO RECORDING' latest EP's ('Awaiting The Elliptical Drift' & 'VVK') for the first time on vinyl.