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Hiram - "Yucca Music" CD

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(Perma Culture Media, 2024)

Pro-pressed white disc comes packaged in 15pt digipack sleeve. Numbered edition of 99 copies.

Hiram sings the song of the Earth.

While hiking the desert trails of Southern California, the artist paused to nestle between the stones and capture the vibrations of life. 
Inspired by elemental forces, Hiram selected the location and specified frequencies to be sourced from living Mojave Yucca and Joshua Trees of the area.

“Yucca Music” is an act of listening, a human collaboration with Nature itself.

Using data-sonification technology, the plant’s leaves are gently fitted with sensitive electrodes to pick up tiny electrical variations, which are sent via MIDI to be processed and complemented in real time.
 The work is experiential and conservational, both meditation and echoed reflection. Hiram uses stereo signal processing, with a field kit of analog synthesizer, reverb/delay effect processor, rechargeable speaker and two track recording equipment.

The core of the work was recorded on location in Joshua Tree National Park, and the nearby Yucca Valley in mid January of 2023, with field recordings from the surrounding area. Arrangement and mix was completed over the following season in the artist's home studio.

The second movement, "The Great Unseen" brings a breath of human spirit, featuring an extended improvisation for Walnut bass flute. "Yucca Music" weaves an intimate portrait of the living landscape, formed to support the songs of the plants themselves.

In an era where our connection to the environment is often overlooked, "Yucca Music" is a reminder of the deep interdependence between humanity and the planet we call home. The work is an invitation to pause, listen, and reconnect with the fragile ecosystems that surround us.