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Duncan Park - "In the Floodplain of Dreams" CD

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(Ramble Records)

Australian import, pro-duplicated disc in slim-digi sleeve.


"This brief but captivating four-track album from Duncan Park is something rather notable to me, but that could be just because I'm both a fan of experimental music that contains folk elements as well as well-placed banjo parts. The stand-out here for me is the very first track, "In the Mountains of Sour Grass." It's a wonderful twelve-minute piece of guitar, banjo, a bit of percussion, and somehow a digeridoo as well that carries along beautifully until the midpoint. It's here that the track devolves into a bit of cacophonous noise until returning with all the splendor it began with.

But it's not all instrumental here. On "Howling at the Moon" and "In the Floodplain of Dreams," Park serenades us a bit with his vocals as he continues to show off his chops on the guitar. I'm not always a big fan of vocals but they work quite well in the context of his psychedelic-influenced fol compositions. The latter of these two is particularly enjoyable as Park drops the singing about halfway through and spends the remainder of the track in a wild guitar solo that follows the lead of the first track by eventually devolving into a bit of kaleidoscopic noise." - Lars Haur, On The Fringes of Sound