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A.J. Kaufmann - "Stoned Gypsy Wanderer" LP

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(Ramble Records)

Australian import, limited edition of 200.

12" black vinyl LP with cover art by Justin Jackley.



"When I first listened to this album, the thing that stood out the most is the wonderfully classic aesthetic to the recording of each track. Yes, there are a variety of influences at play here including psychedelic folk and garage rock. But the constant thread between all of them is an encapsulation of the era to which it calls back.

Listening to it is like jumping into a well-crafted time capsule taking you back to the era of bands like Jefferson Airplane and The Doors with a raw sound that lets the elements of each composition shine through whether they combine into the complexity of tracks such as "Wine of Rape" and "Whispering Egypt" or the simplicity of a guitar and voice in tracks like "Amaranth Blues" or "Stoned Gypsy Wanderer."

This is the album where you can make yourself a cup of coffee, light up something special, and let yourself zone out to the reverberated guitars and psychedelic aesthetic."  - Lars Haur, On The Fringes of Sounds, Dec 9