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Reid Karris and the Man from Atlantis - "Onomatopoeia" CD

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(Ramble Records)

Australian import, pro-duplicated disc in full color sleeve.

Reid Karris is a musician and composer from Chicago Illinois focusing on free improvisation and noise using prepared guitar, homemade instruments and percussion.

the Man from Atlantis is the moniker for Australian musician Mike Sill
and is an extension of ideas formulated while playing in 90s art rock
band Ray of Creation. His compositions incorporate fingerpicking, blues, acid folk, free improv, raga to heavy psych.

Beginning in mid 2020 Reid started a project where he recorded short improvisations for skatchboxes and metal percussion and then sent them to people around the world to overdub their parts. The idea was to create a series of improvised duo albums involving people he had not met in real life and who lived in different geographical areas.

Collaborations have been made with people from Texas, France, Missouri, Minnesota, Indiana, Australia and Germany, with more to come. Onomatopoeia features Australian artists the Man from Atlantis.