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Droneroom - "The Most Gorgeous Sleep" CD

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(Ramble Records)

Pro-disc with gatefold sleeve. 

Droneroom is Blake Edward Conley
(Lapsteel, drones, chord organ, vocals)

Gratitude and big big love to Joseph Allred, Carlie Rhoads, Cory Fusting, Jason T Lameroux, the Powers-Rolin Duo, Zachary Corsa, Gean Velveteen, and Cole Morse

droneroom uses Black Harbor Strings, Glassworks Coffee, and Greer Amps Pedals.

There will come a time when you believe everything is finished; that will be the beginning.
- Louis L'amour

Sleep is a constant pursuit in this day and age. Elusive as it it seductive. Often full of promise. But just as often to not provide it. I've found as much reward in a 20 minute blink of an eye as I have an 18 hour coma. Fever dreams, paralysis demons, anxiety nightmares, all these threats have pursued me to the edge of tipping over...well the edge.

The only true sleep I reckon we are promised is death, but Death Doesn't Make You Whole. One wrong patch of Bad Dirt and you are food for any critter that can get its paws in the earth.

But a promise is still a promise and that's what we have to live.  My Heart Is Broken Along With the Ribs, but i hold on to things just the same. Funny what one holds onto, really. The small burdens we carry with us. Alabatrosses around our necks both good and bad.

Memories are a particularly heavy burden. Memories of those Days of Marriage By The Sea, memories of how one's failures eventually became too much for the relationship to carry. The Road Does Not End, but love often does. Sleep is a thing you eventually wake up from. Dreams are things that fade away with the morning coffee and a cigarette.

This is a record about that. Or maybe it isn't. Blake Edward Conley presents wafts of lap steel and rolling textures. Structure is the loosest he's ever explored. Grazing the dreamscape like wind in the leaves. This time he brought along his old Buddhist Pill partner Joseph Allred to add earthly compliment to the ether. Flashes of faces in the haze of one's thoughts untethered. 

I once heard it put that everyone goes to the same place when they dream. A vast other, each person a little house in a vast neighborhood of the unconscious. And that is what Conley and Allred tap into. Maybe The Most Gorgeous Sleep isn't as much the quality or quantity, but how deeply we become apart of it all when we are at our most disconnected. But hey, I'm just a guy trying to get some shut eye...what do I know?

Hank Savoy
Piestewa Peak, Arizona 2022