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Chris Alford and William Thompson - "Overtone/Undertone" LP

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(Ramble Records)

Australian import, limited edition black vinyl.


A fine new album from NOLA's finest jazz improvisers Chris Alford (guitar) and William Thompson (piano).

"New Orleans based improviser/guitarist/composer Chris Alford utilizes a spherical approach in his artistry. In one hemisphere is the deep tradition of jazz and blues languages of the past and in the other is avant-garde, unconventional, creative syntax. Warping the old with the new, Alford keeps his feet rooted in the ground all the while looking beyond the horizon. He is just as likely to galvanize an audience with peculiar, angular, sharp flourishes as he is to allure with luscious, atmospheric harmony and melodies. An openness to sound and collaboration allows Alford to shape and guide the music in an organic flow." - Andrea Aguzzi, Neu Guitars