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Duncan Park - "Invoking the Flood" CD

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(Ramble Records)

Australian import, pro-duplicated disc in gatefold sleeve.

"Invoking The Flood is a meditation on the cleansing and healing properties of water as well as the historical, sociological, cultural and symbolic significance of rivers." - WG Randles.


"On Invoking The Flood, Duncan Park channels the tranquil life-giving properties and restorative powers of rivers and other waterways through his atmospheric guitar music.

Park, a South African musician, utilizes both acoustic fingerpicking and warmly distorted electric solos to conjure the serenity and awesome strength of flowing water. Tracks like “The Winding Stream” roll with airy guitar phrases and shimmery Mellotron-like keyboard sounds, mimicking the cheerful and perpetual movements of water pouring over a twisty creek bed. To give the music an even stronger aquatic theme, Park’s guitar playing and singing is also accompanied by other instruments like the Kalimba, which plinks and plonks like falling rain drops, as well as field recordings of babbling brooks and crickets. You truly get the sense that you’re visiting a kind of oasis that needs to be respected and protected when you play this album.

An utterly gorgeous and original release from start to finish, Park’s Invoking The Flood is a psychedelically pastoral folk album that you won’t soon forget." -KH, Record Crates United 25.01.22