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Andreas Brandal - "Trapdoor Crucifix" CS

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(Lighten Up Sounds)

Visions from the wastelands.

Andreas Brandal is a longtime legend of the underground cassette kingdom, and he's been prolific, creating an expansive catalog of solo and collaborative music on the tape format since 1994, spread across a wealth of small independent labels and publishing houses. This label's first connection with Brandal dates back over 11 years ago with the album "Autumn Drama", released by Lighten Up Sounds in 2012.

"Trapdoor Crucifix" grinds rhythms into dry, powdery dust, a destructive force shifting through claustrophobic tempo and structure. The compositions travel between blistered drone and broken texture, with flashes of sharp gloom cutting across a bleak, cinematic field. The artist's refined but extreme sensibilities are showcased, organizing a frightening landscape of fractured emotions. Pulsing oscillations swell over clanking tool-shed rhythm and a mass of bubbling static - we each inevitably dissolve into oblivion.

It's fascinating how after following the career of an artist for many years, one can clearly hear a distinct voice in the smallest of details. One grows to recognize the textures and palette, and eventually the listener can hear a particular tone of rusty clank, twisted just so, and think "Ahh, there it is, that keen Brandal sound." The work follows the artist's clear trajectory, challenging the listener's expectations while connecting to the artist's impressive history, and forging exciting new paths forward into a frightening future.

A grim transmission of otherworldly knowledge.

Shadow black shell cassette with white ink imprint has been professionally duplicated in real time to "Recording the Masters Premium Ferro" stock. Monochrome print on glossy 100gm stock, packaged in a vintage style heavy-duty clear Norelco case.

Features original collage artwork by the artist. Limited hand-numbered edition of 70 copies.