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Lujo Asiático - "After Ashram" LP

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(Ramble Records)

Lujo Asiático presents its third album After Ashram: a session of sitar, sax, synthesizers, vocals under Bufo Alvarius influence and a Harmonium from 1907.

The album draws on Eno's seventies ambient period and saxophonist Pharaoh Sanders's free jazz. The music is combined with sounds from the Atlantic sea, intermingled with rivers from Córdoba province. On November 11, 2022, After Ashram will be released on vinyl by Ramble Records (Australia) and its digital version through Lassi International (Argentina).

Julio Sleiman aka Popi: sitar
Mauro Panzillo: saxo
Macarena Zorraquin: voz
Cristián García Laborde: sintetizadores y samples
Andrés Serantes: synth
Segundo Bercetche: sintetizadores y samples
Juan Pablo Martini: piano
Alejandro Kauderer: harmonium