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Shane Parish - "Viscera Eternae" LP

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(Ramble Records)

Australian import, limited edition black vinyl.

"Why two guitars? The two side-long pieces that comprise Viscera Eternae derive part of their character from tonal qualities of strings and wood — steel strings on one side, nylon on the other. He begins “Hatching The World Egg” patiently, stirring tension with cyclical picking patterns that occasional erupt for a second, then die down, and then build some more. As the patterns become more percussive, the strings buzz and hum, contrasting sustained tones with dark, propulsive twangs. “Touching The Silver Cord”  also begins with a patient, reflective vibe, made brighter by the softer tone and shorter decay of the nylon strings. Parish plays brief, melodic flourishes, which seem to curl around themselves and stop, then restart in a different direction. Each phrase pushes off from the last, tightens intricately, and then stretches as it pulls away in a different direction. This is music that invites both surrender and close listening, the better to feel carried away by an evolving stream of sound." - Bill Meyer, Dusted Magazine