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MV & EE - "Green Ark" 2LP

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(Ramble Records)

These babies are shrink-wrapped, and ship sealed by default. Please make a note if you want the vinyl removed for shipment.

We're stoked to spread these, a gentle touch from that great glowing index, please phone home! 

This is technically six tracks spread over two LPs, but the proceedings follow the true head chronology of passing through several evolutionary stages per flip, with multiple deep dives plunging headlong into that delicious morphing cosmos. All is balanced just so, with the select perspectives of an infinitely pulsing landscape heard broadcast from outside the common earthbound condition.

Matt Valentine and Erika Elder are both actively levitating, and always seem to appear floating from just above the horizon line. The message is equally harvested from a respective bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables, both sweet and savory. The path is curative, and worn through grooves of care and devotion. This is life music. Light music best viewed through a filter of multiple dimensions.

"Green Ark" pushes into the beyond. The album is a glowing vision of cosmic surrealist ruralism, born from breathing only the rarest form of actual space dust. When that unnamed, great glowing essence is carefully contained and properly preserved with the correctly curated blend of wild pollens and air-borne waxes, one can produce a pure restorative tonic to be used in many healthful applications. "Green Ark" is a forest-cured semi-solid, which when slabbed into sections of all-natural dab can be used topically to bring relief from inflammation of all kinds. The work is regional, slow-grown and solar cured, showcasing a greenhouse eco-system and highly refined irrigation structure seemingly now expanded to heavenly heights.

It reminds me of a roadside art site I once visited at a private location, built and developed by a rural folk artist operating as a local preacher. The place was pretty far out in the country, but right off the small highway, and his name, unfortunately, I don't remember, but a large, main curbside work was still standing and visible from a distance. The artist's vision manifested a real-life "Tower of Babel", resulting in a very tall structure built from a potpourri of sourced scrap lumber, and pieced together to stand in the front of his property, intended to eventually reach "all the way up to heaven", or that is until the project was shut down and condemned as unsafe by the county for not meeting basic safety code requirements. He still held regular sermons in his chapel bus, but was napping when we visited. The Tower itself was not open to the public. 

When viewing the great Green Ark depicted here, built roadside, one sees that the structure is stable, hand-hewn with tool mark, but standing on firm foundation. The C.O.M. code is different than yours and mine. The Green Ark is now standing open to the public, bidding welcome to all weary travelers. The Ark itself symbolizes a hand-crafted escape, a new golden rebirth, and the work offers a path to safety and all-natural expansion into the future. The Ark brings security, despite the unknown. The Ark is a great oaken protector, a reflective home and transportive blanket, it represents an internal warmth and a helping hand forward into deeper dimensions of existence.

MV & EE escort us directly into the path. The crew themselves says, "studio recordings, nothing to do with the Green Ark live box set & everything to do with all sonic architecture.

The buildings in space are apparently very groovy.

Import black double vinyl set comes packaged in full color pocket sleeve, with color printed inners. 

Track listing: 

Free Range
No Money
Dancing' in the Culvert

Living It Up
 i. Tuff
 ii. Hot Life/ Void
 iii. Hot Mess

Love From Outer Space

 i. Reap
 ii. Reaper
 ii. Magic / Birth 

"Pure fire music, night shade & sun up, colorsound all nation daydream. Blazing memory…a C.O.M. like we used to…nu groove but still limited to 99. studio recordings, nothing to do with the green ark live box set & everything to do with all sonic architecture."


** Spectrasound **
Made in Vermont at Sweet Pond.