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Dark Leaves - "Laid Under Leaf, Under Branches" LP

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(Ramble Records)

Australian import, limited edition vinyl in gatefold sleeve.

Also available on CD. 

'Laid under leaf, under branches’ is the first Dark Leaves release since the Forest Flowing' EP of 2020 and his acclaimed debut LP ‘Grey Stone In the wood'. Laid under leaf, under branches is the avant-folk solo project by UK artist Patrick Aston. Acoustic fingerpicking is combined with electronic and natural drone-influenced soundscapes, and field recordings, with hypnotic beats that reflect the land and sea where Patrick lives on the West Cornwall coast.

"Dark Leaves, AKA Patrick Aston, is a Penzance, UK based singer-songwriter who weaves shadowy psychedelic folk music that is heavy with both mood and atmosphere. On this album, Aston utilizes a mix of acoustic guitar, ethereal keyboards and spectral vocals to create a ghostly netherworld that completely envelops the listener.

Songs like the title track whisk you off to the foreboding woodlands and pagan stone circles of olde England with their lushly pastoral instrumentation and poetic lyrics. With rattling percussion and flute-like drones swelling behind Aston’s guitar and whispery voice, these enigmatic tunes give off strong ritualistic vibes. You could even easily imagine them soundtracking folk horror films like The Wicker Man or Wakewood.

Yet, despite the eerie and melancholic nature of these songs, this album is a deeply calming listen. Every sound is draped with just enough reverb to make them feel soft and cool to the ears, giving the entire record a lulling dreamlike quality.

For a more mysterious and surreal take on English psychedelic folk music, get your copy of Dark Leaves’ Laid Under Leaf, Under Branches from Ramble Records today."

 - Record Crates United