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Another spelunk into the sonic depths and highest heights of the past, present and future. The Green Path brings true ecological drone, ethereal sound science, forlorn folkisms, therapeutic chamber music, post goth low-fi croon, and synapse simmering synthesis.

Join us for a full hour of uninterrupted music for mind travel.

Originally broadcast at 11pm CET on Feb 26th, 2024 via CAMP Radio France.

Please support the artists directly through the links below.


BOBBY JEWELL - “Water 2.1” from the album “Wind & Water” (Katuktu Collective, 2024)

PATRICK SANSONE - “Dream Molecule” from the album “Infinity Mirrors” (Centripetal Force, 2024)

HIRAM - “First Light” (excerpt), from the album “Yucca Music” (PermaCulture Media, 2024)

WYOMING TOAD - “Houston Toad” from the album “Toad Song Sanctuary” (Fiadh Productions, 2024)

IKSRE - “dawn in a foreign city” from the album “abundance” (Constellation Tatsu, 2024)

WILD ANIMA - “Aionia” from the album “Phytosynthesis” (USM Recordings, 2023)

DAVID NANCE - “Stuck in Honey” from the album “Shameless Kiss” (Western Records, 2023)

CHANNELERS “Image Dissolved” from the album "Morcom Tapes" (Inner Islands, 2024)

BRENDAN EDER ENSEMBLE  - ”Pure (Ride the World)” from the album “Therapy” (self, 2024)

BRENDAN EDER ENSEMBLE  - ”Solace” feat. Naliah Hunter from the album “Therapy” (self, 2024)

NOAH KLEIN  - "sunset from venice beach” from the album “each rock becomes an altar” (self, 2021)

FLYING CANYON - “Down to Summer” from the album "Flying Canyon" (Soft Abuse, 2006)

FLYING CANYON - “Gibraltar May Fall”  from the album "Flying Canyon" (Soft Abuse, 2006)

STEVEN HALPERN - “Something for Everybody Suite” (excerpt) from the album “Christening for Listening  (Eating Standing, 2019)

PLVS VLTRA - “Soft Moments” from the album “Otherworld” (Mutant Music, 2020)

Thanks for listening!

Portions of this program have been sourced from vinyl and cassette formats.

Check The Green Path archives for many hours of inter-dimensional radio.