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The Green Path continues to expand beyond dimensional time and space. Our latest broadcast breathes straight oxygen, with the light of ten suns simultaneously reflected from bronze-plated vibration. Now wide angle Nimbus, witness the elliptical, humming lullabilia of the crumbling magnetic. Together we absorb a cool, clean blast of real world chlorophyll. A strange, cascading cradlesong from the inner Universe, provided here for home personal use.

Originally broadcast at 11pm CET on Jan 29th, 2024 via CAMP Radio France.

Please support the artists directly through the links below.


1. UNKNOWN ME - “Beauty, Mind and Body #2” from the album BISHINTAI (Not Not Fun, 2023)

2. UNKNOWN ME - “Isometrics” from the album BISHINTAI (Not Not Fun, 2023)

3. Powers / Pulice / Rolin - “Melted Honey” from the album “Prism” (Cached Media, 2023)

4. Mike Nigro & Andrew Osterhoudt - “In Between” from the album “Latitudes” (Constellation Tatsu, 2018)
5. Charlie Parr - “11-16-19” from the album “Sound No Song” (self-released, 2022) 
6. Tarotplane - “Interior Perspectives” (excerpt) from the album “Interior Perspectives : Live 2022” (self-released, 2023) 
7. PJS - “Source” (excerpt) from the album “Origin Stories” (Strategic Tape Reserve, 2022)
8. Paul Cousins - “Improvisation for 3 Tape Loops” (excerpt) single (self-released, 2024
9. Futuro Antico - “Track 3” from the album “Isole Del Suono” (Black Sweat Records, 2016)

10. Kalia Vandever - “Mirrored Solitude” from the album “We Fell in Turn” (AKP Recordings, 2023)
11. Ocean Floor - “Hibernal” from the album “Vernalis” (Eiderdown Records, 2019) 
12. NASA-Voyager Space Sounds - “Sphere of IO” from the album “Sphere of IO” (Brain/Mind Research, 1990)
13. Paul Riedl - “Ambient Guitar Cloud” single (Bandcamp, 2019)

Portions of this program have been sourced from vinyl and cassette formats.

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Thanks for listening!