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THE GREEN PATH: January 2024

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The Green Path grows into the future and beyond. Our latest broadcast boasts a holy harvest of fresh fruit, passing through glowing Earth vibration, eternal string resonance, pure analog warble, questionable UFO theory, and actual cosmic tonalities extracted from the expansive ether.

Broadcast 11PM CET Jan 1st, 2024 via CAMP Radio France.

Archived for streaming here



LUKE SCHNEIDER - “Gloria” from the album “It is Solved by Walking” (Centripetal Force, 2023)
SIMON MCCORRY - “halcyon fire” from the album “rituals of non-existence: listen closely and everything sings” (Red Light Studio, 2023)
REGAN BOWERING - “Cleave” from the album “Solos for _ _ _ _ Spaces” (Bezirk Tapes, 2023)
DANIEL BACHMAN - “Someone's Roaming In The Gloaming” (Three Lobed Recordings, 2023)
YUI ONODERA & TAKASHI KOKUBO - “Thousand Bells 4” (Constellation Tatsu, 2023)
BATTLE TRANCE - “Green of Winter III” (excerpt) from the album “Green of Winter” (New Amsterdam, 2022)
KAITLYN AURELIA SMITH - “Tides IV - Music for Meditation and Yoga” from Earth/Percent x Earth Day Compilation (EarthPercent, 2022)
BOTANICA - “Canopy” (excerpt) from the album “Invisible Gardner” (Umé Records, 2023)
MOLLY RABEN & LEONARD KING - “Angel Afternoon” excerpt (self-released, 2023)
UFOm - “Peace on Neptune” from the album “Aliens Are Real” (Moon Glyph, 2023)
VALLEY OF THE SUN - Hypnogogic Sound / Vibration Tape (excerpt) (Valley of the Sun, 1982)
WILL JIMA - The UFO Message Pt. 1 (Jima Productions, 1974)

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