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Episode 1 : August 16th, 2021

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Happy to announce THE GREEN PATH, our new monthly radio show broadcast worldwide via CAMP Radio! 

It’s been a warm and smoky summer, so August’s episode brings a breath of fresh air. This round spans space and time, with a lot of brand new tunes to digest. Non-stop music on the program, so we’ve included a few notes below.



Check the archive.


After a quick welcome from Hiram, we receive a blessing of grainy tape bliss from Altamira (aka Jackie Beckey), pulled from her great self titled cassette on Dove Cove Records. The Man From Atlantis brings a gem of bent cosmic folk titled Death Rattle, from his recent "Volume 1" LP on Ramble Records, and waveforms dig deep with Sir Plastic Crimewave delivering a dose of pure space drone from his brand new album “Harbingers of Ascent”. 


We’ve been hypnotized by the cloud of dream tone from Damiana, the excerpt here from Melted Reach offers a shining light, thanks Hausu Mountain. Fresh sunburnt croon from The Lodestones brings us back to dusty reality, with the track Silence is Golden from their upcoming new album “Exile on Earth”. Blue Phantom serves classic psych groove from the 1971 “Distortions” LP, and Millard (aka Jason Millard) delivers an instant hit with Forlorn Fist from his new album “Kicking a Hole” on Home & Garden. 


The Savage Young Taterbug is a cultural treasure, and this untitled gem from “The Ragman Transmissions” on Goaty Tapes is a precious stone indeed. Bobby Lee brings smoke and drift, with a steady zoner from the “Origin Myths” LP on Tompkins Square, followed by the beautiful track Vivre Encore by Dominique Moimeaux, from “Retour Au Desert”, on Disques Alcibiade, 1983. 


Spectrum (aka Sonic Boom) delivers heady trance shimmer with a track from 1992’s “Soul Kiss / Glide Divine”, and Weeping Bong Band  brings deep zone propulsion and hazy half memories, from their first LP on Feeding Tube Records. Arushi Jain’s new album “Under the Lilac Sky” on Leaving Records is a beautiful oasis, and the track Richer Than Blood cools the core temp nicely.  Decolonize Your Mind Society bring swinging micro tonal womp from Budapest with an excerpt of A Smooth Walk Upon the Creek, from the new “Live in Lumen 2019” album on Prepost. 


We don’t usually buy in to Record Store Day releases, but the Thai Elephant Orchestra LP from Northern Spy Records was one of few exceptions this year, with Three Renats, Slit Drum delivering a soothing clang and immersive atmosphere. Scream is but one small slice of the Nicodemus & Matchez legacy, taken from the 1986 “Better Art Music” LP on Zedikiah Records, and things close with a quick foggy swirl from Visitations of Maine, with an excerpt from an untitled track from a self released s/t CDr from 2006.


Broadcast Thursday, August 16th at 11pm CEST / 4 pm CST on CAMP Radio here:

Each episode will be archived at 

and shared through The Green Path mixcloud account here:



PAUL SCHEELE - an excerpt of “Deep Relaxation” (Paraliminal, 1989)

HIRAM - Welcome Bells (unreleased, 2021)

ALTAMIRA - III, from “Altamira” (Dove Cove, 2018)

THE MAN FROM ATLANTIS - Death Rattle, from “Volume 1” (Ramble Records, 2021)

SIR PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE - Whispering Trails, from “Harbingers of Ascent” (Galactic Zoo, 2021)

DAMIANA - an excerpt of Melted Reach, from “Vines” (Hausu Mountain, 2021)

THE LODESTONES - Silence is Golden, from “Exile on Earth” (Psyop, 2021)

BLUE PHANTOM - Equivalence, from “Distortions” (Spider Records, 1971)

MILLARD - Forlorn Fist, from “Kicking a Hole” (Home & Garden, 2021)

THE SAVAGE YOUNG TATERBUG - Untitled, from "The Ragman Transmissions Vol 1” (Goaty, 2021)

BOBBY LEE - Enchanted Mesa from “Origin Myths” (Tompkins Square, 2021)

DOMINIQUE MOIMEAUX - Vivre Encore, from “Retour Desert” (Disques Alcibiade, 1983)

SPECTRUM - My Love For You Never Died Away But My Soul Gave Out & Withered, from “Soul Kiss (Glide Divine)” (Silvertone, 1992)

WEEPING BONG BAND - an excerpt of Replay II, from “Weeping Bong Band” (Feeding Tube Records, 2018)

ARUSHI JAIN - Richer Than Blood, from “Under The Lilac Sky” (Leaving Records, 2021)

DECOLONIZE YOUR MIND SOCIETY - excerpt from A Smooth Walk Upon the Creek from “Live in Lumen 2019” (Prepost, 2021)

THAI ELEPHANT ORCHESTRA - Three Renats, Slit Drum, from “Thai Elephant Orchestra w Dave Soldier & Richard Lair” (Northern Spy, 2021)

NICODEMUS & MATCHEZ - Scream from “Better Art Music” (Zedikiah Records, 1986)

VISITATIONS - Untitled, from Visitations (self-released, 2006)



Portions of this program have been sourced from vinyl and cassette formats.