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Supercult - "Ummo" CS

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(Glass Jelly Souffle)

Supercult is the Russian duo of Nikita Bondarenko and Denis Uspenskiy, hailing from Voronezh. Ummo is their first offering, and jeez, what a doozie! A surreal UFO themed synth /  jazzbo freakfest, ideal for zero gravity cosmonauts with eyes staring straight into tractor beams as they get sucked up into the ship and scanned for implants. A shrieking lurch, and LIFT OFF! we launch into outer orbit. 

These guys crank out a challenging blend of propulsive dark synthwave electro and horror soundtrack Giallo funk, complimented by wailing saxophone smoke, daunting vocal chant weirdness, an uber-groove disco beat, plus they're obsessed with alien abductions? TASTY!

DIY Russian import cassette released in a limited edition of only 22 copies, comes packaged in strange screen printed art-paper package featuring artwork by Paulie Shankwank. Available here in two editions, green or red.