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Twin Whips - s/t CS

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(Lighten Up Sounds)

"Creeping dungeon electronics here: unsettling tons, a fog of hazy synths and heavy-processed vox lead to, as described by the label "bad vibes all round". Reminds me quite a lot of the excellent Double Leopards" - At War With False Noise

Wading through waist deep mud, choking on sulphuric haze. Fresh physical document of raw live action from Twin Whips. Bleak electronics brutalism and unsettling dungeon sound from South Minneapolis duo of Andy Neubauer & Matthew Himes. Two side long tracks of industrial dark ambient/electro fog for malicious dream state. Electric viola, waveform generator, handmade 8-track loops and menacing hypno-growl combine to disturbing effect. Swell and ebb via blown equipment, sealed w/ supremely twisted vocal attack. 


Professionally duplicated to cobalt tape, bright red imprint on opaque white shell c38 with red leader. Comes packaged with two color process print J-card on 35 pt. gloss stock featuring full lyric transcription on the inside. Edition of 100, down to the last few remaining copies. Bad vibes all around!