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The Spooky House - OST CS

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(Spooky Soft)

Back in stock! These flew out the door last time, here's another chance to grip:

Boom, such a jewel! The Spooky House is a vintage styled horror adventure game made for the Pico-8 fantasy console system, and this is the incredible original soundtrack on offer from Spooky Soft, developers of the game itself. The music is the work of artist Stef Animal from New Zealand, who seems to make a habit of composing with cheap and unfashionable instruments, and while presented as “low bit”, the music feels easily elevated beyond the tropes and constraints of the genre and reaches skyward to moonlit, cobwebbed skies, providing an audio adventure for fans of haunted chiptune, jack-o-lantern obsessives, and Halloween freaks everywhere.


"Your evening stroll in the woods has taken an unfortunate turn - the night has become bitterly cold and you are lost! You stumble across a strange old house hidden in the trees. Maybe this is the old Rutherford mansion? Rumour has it their three priceless diamonds were never found after they died. You push open the heavy front door and step inside… but the door slams shut behind you, and refuses to open again. You are trapped!"


Heed our sincere recommendation, this obscure soundtrack is a veritable instant classic, prompting an automatic volume blast and immediate tape flip, 25 minutes later and ready for more. This really shouldn’t be constrained by one's preconceptions of the basic “chiptune” or “video game music” tags, as the 13 tracks show an evolved approach while still working within a limited sonic palette. The Spooky House offers a distinct vibe, not necessarily following what you might imagine haunted 8-bit to be, but delivering a slightly pixelated lattice of shifting shadow. 

The Spooky crew was so kind as to send along a gigantic branded rat-trap and large black rubber bat along with the tapes, so you know these are the kind of creeps you definitely want to support.

NZ import, labeled black shell cassette comes packaged with fold out black and orange J-card, each copy includes a random sticker, small instructional pamphlet, DL code for the OST, and a downloadable version of the game itself for PC or Mac.