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The Rita - "Bodies Bear Traces Of Carnal Violence" C60

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Official cassette edition of this modern day harsh noise classic from Sam McKinlay aka The Rita. McKinlay has been actively destroying and conceptually re-contexualizing sounds since 1996, originally adopting the project name from the river barge used to deliver the scientists up the Amazon in the classic 1954 monster / horror film The Creature from the Black Lagoon

The project is one of extreme focus and intent as a culmination of obsessive process and form, focused on full immersion into the most extreme of sonic textures and generating truly obliterating patterns of harsh crackle and static drone, forcing full surrender to the engulfing monolithic assault.

The Rita's concepts are intrinsically linked to the meticulously researched and gathered source materials, with focuses over the years including sharks and shark attacks, Giallo horror sleaze films of the 70's, 2-stroke motocross engines, steel skateboard rails, and the female form.

McKinlay has a massive discography, born from a sea of underground harsh noise labels, but in recent years, the artist has also done work reaching from below the depths into what might be considered the more accessible art world, collaborating with artists like Zola Jesus, and choreographing a 2018 work of movement and sound with modern dancer Kelly Davisincorporating elements of classical ballet, gesture, and pantomime, specially developed to physically orchestrate McKinlay's trademark "jagged lines of sound".

Bodies Bear Traces Of Carnal Violence was originally released in 2004 on CD by Troniks/PACrec, and has since been revered as a seminal work from the project, standing out as a crucial episode of pure sound and sonic onslaught in a daunting catalog. Featuring a collaboration with HN legend Mania, and clocking in at over 60+ minutes, Bodies Bear Traces... is mandatory harsh noise history, absolutely uncompromising in vision, and terrifying in practical application.

Professionally duplicated to Type II chrome, yellow shell with black imprint comes packaged with full color J-card. Already sold out from the label, just a few available here.



"This has to be the harshest, most violent and extreme exercise in noise that I've ever experienced." - Rue Morgue Magazine