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Territorial Gobbing - "Police Costume" CS

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The UK has such a distinct and cracking scene of trash hucking, sonic wonk splatsters, and Territorial Gobbing stands as a premiere practitioner, with a cartoonish wild style and post-nasal-drip hallucination vibe, diving down the strangest of holes. Bad taste, extreme approach, and gross smell on tap from across the pond.

The project is the moniker of Theo Gowans, responsible for a relentless barrage of high energy, manic live performances, and cacophonous, bewildering recordings, as well as being the organizer of Heinous Whining, a series of live streaming events showcasing some of the most bizarre and challenging sound artists in the world. 

Broken warble and sliced fart sound, cut up slurping rubbish, piercing squeak and ooze, an elegant episode of harsh weirdness and surreal sizzurp attack, opaque action for burnt nerves and severed limbs. WTF?


UK import. Clear shell labeled cassette comes packaged with full colour, double-sided J-card featuring plague-time artwork by Zad Kokar.

"Limited to some copies."