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Tereshkova - "Budget Angel" CS

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(Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.)

Tereshkova of Portland, Oregon manifests ghostly shapes through kaleidoscopic gelatin. The project of Jeff Lane has been actively crafting forms of experimental sound since 2012, with this being the 15th release from the project. Budget Angel is a surprising smudge of fractal mud, a melting psychedelic trail of tangible reality progressively lapsed. Organ lament, string pluck, choral wall and infrequent sax blat gels into transparently oscillating ointment, a pseudo-celestial elegance unwavering through emotive transformation.

Angelic indeed. 

"The lingering vibration of visitor vignettes lost in a concrete valley of wind instruments. Timbre blends rich artefacts in pursuit of performing in front of the lapis lazuli sunset. 

Angelic breaths of sworn secrecy express the incidental benefits of the disrupted appearance of wings. The effect captivates a flux of feathers that was once destroyed by the dynamism of centuries. Mercurial pulses pause the singing away of a connection towards a vermilion shipwreck. A devastation of free drifts insisting on pure reason, a crushed cortex in a large room." - A.V.A.

Belgian import cassette, limited edition of 55.