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Steve Roach - "Nostalgia for the Future" CS

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Nostalgia for the Future is a 2017 release from new-age synthesis legend and Grammy nominated artist Steve Roach, uncrowned king of ambient electronica. Delivering an epic episode of ethereal drone and shimmering air, Nostalgia for the Future is a work exploring the desire for that which has not yet come to pass.

Roach has been intimidatingly active since his debut back in 1982, producing a stream of transcendental ambient, therapeutic new age and evolutionary synthesis sound for mind travel to invisible worlds and healing through the power of light.




Timeroom is in fact Roach's own imprint, founded to release and distribute small editions of his own work. 

Nostalgia for the Future delivers a shifting eeriness, not without tension and edge, but dwelling in the soft toned ether, a submerged vision of breathing figures blurred, hazy drift for eloquent isolation. 

We've scooped up the last existing copies! Professionally duplicated clear shell cassette with white imprint comes packaged with full color J-card featuring artwork by Antonio Gouveia.


"A deep ambient flow of six interconnected soundworld immersions evoking an echo in time, emanating in all directions. The presence of life’s nostalgic imprints casts this sense forward into a future state of longing and etheric reveries just out of reach but coming into form.

Created between January and July 2017 this project was born from the solitude and focus from within The Timeroom studio in Baja Arizona. The result is this alluring time echo, a Nostalgia for the Future fully realized for the here and now."