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Rettir Leinahtan - "Circulation of Light" CS

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(Reue Um Reue)

The second release under this new monicker of Nathaniel Ritter's (founding member of avant-folk ensemble KINIT HER and dark chamber pop duet WREATHES) is yet another gem of that mysterious and truly singular sound hailing from Madison, Wisconsin. Delicate neo-orchestral arrangements flirt with shamanic drums, a bohemian piano lament coquets with an airily plucked harp, majestic organs gallivant with mournful strings. Like Contemplations IV out last year on Brave Mysteries, Circulation Of Light is an inebriant suite of several compositions, begotten from a time and a place unknown.

File under: new wave of Sturm und Drang.


Professionally duplicated brown transparent shell cassette with gold ink imprint, comes packaged with full color J-card. Limited stock available.