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R. Schwartz - "Winter IIVIIXXIVXVXVI" CS

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(Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.)

R. Schwartz hails from Vienna, Austria, and has been creating works of musique concrète and processed field recordings since 2014, with this being his sixth album to be offered in physical form. 

Clicking insect language as filtered through waterfall tectonics. An untended rupture often leaks, peals of distant thunder echo under broken glass.



"Archaic paint strokes, windswept ice dyes the last pool of hope. Crows circle around the flood, tomorrow’s route lays over the water.

Lone classical motifs clash with dynamics draped in liquid that resolves into the open sky. Numerous recordings made in the field shimmer to illustrate the glare of snow capped trails in mountain meadows. White surveys of intimate details composed with a sensitivity to the changing weather." -A.V.A.

Belgian import cassette. Limited edition of 55.