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Puberty - "THTG" CS

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The best kind of distortion is the kind where everything disappears. This is engulfing murk, a gust of warm mulched air and blood rushes to the head. Careful, whenever I don't drink enough water I almost fall over when standing up too fast. 
Looping texture, destructive reduction and analog gristle, a slurping alien groove and rattling ambience. I always figured that if there were creatures in space that somehow lived amongst the space junk and solar radiation, that they would probably mutate horribly, all boiling guts and bulging eye sockets. This is space swamp music as played by actual mutants, a lumpy deformed cloud of lopsided tone grit and hopeless warble shift. Boggy, but beautiful.

"Via eyes-closed deep-listening, THTG is truly mesmerizing and otherwordly; peripherally, it almost plays like a disoriented, rebellious beat-tape that can’t find it’s own keys. Win-win here.

Not uplifting, but certainly high-minded, Flophouse puts out another great art-making/meditative tape to help one get in the flow of focus and/or escape. " - Jacob An Kittenplan

Black shell cassette with edge stamped in gold ink comes packaged with hand stamped b/w insert and a handful of DL codes.