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Psychic Graveyard - "A Bluebird Vacation" CS

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(Deathbomb Arc) 

Great new explosive pummel and no wave noise rock from Psychic Graveyard, the powerhouse unit out of Providence and San Diego. This is their second album, following some action on the Skin Graft label. A Bluebird Vacation leaves a bitter taste of battery acid, a grinding tension and caustic tone, with harsh, fragmented buzz and blasted rot attack. Rough style synthesis grit and weird asymmetrical throb, a tight knit pound and pulsing mass, nasty!

This music is harsh and painful but expansive and rapturous, reveling in the cuts and bruises and riding the edge of what defines rock and roll, curdling milk with their non musical synth blat, distorto pound and ugly sound palette, grating nerves and blowing minds. Well done boys, currently bashing my head against the floor in your honor. 

"I feel like a rotting oak tree they cut down the day you died."  

The band cites fireworks, field recordings, and non-traditional instruments in their gear list, 10 tracks of ugly R&R destruction and hard edged, blunt object clobbering techniques.

Features ex-members of Arab on Radar, Some Girls, All Leather, Chinese Stars +++ Produced with Seth Manchester (Lingua Ignota, Lightning Bolt, Daughters). 

Professionally duplicated blue foil cassette comes packaged with full color J-card in clear Norelco case, caution may cause bruising.